I remember starting this blog in 2017 along with enrolling for a PhD programme. I aimed to write on challenges related to software engineering and technology which others may find useful. Feeling that I might save somebody’s time or teach a better way of doing certain things gives me enormous satisfaction.

Over time my activity on the blog declined due to intensive workload required for PhD research and related challenges. Fortunately, every project has a deadline, and mine is not an exception. I am at the very final phase of completing the thesis. It will be an exciting time because I am also returning to software engineering and looking for job opportunities. After this period, I promise more posts related to the lessons I learnt throughout the PhD programme.

For more information about my technical expertise and previous projects, see my LinkedIn profile.

In case you are puzzled where the name of the blog comes from, I was inspired by the following quotation:

Like the elite of ancient Egypt, most people in most cultures dedicated their lives to building pyramids. Only the names, shapes and sizes of these pyramids change from one culture to the other. — Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens. A Brief History of Humankind